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frequently Asked Questions

Top 3 FAQ’s

Q: Is it safe in Silva?

A: We have two border towns to cross through and they rank in the top 3 of all border crossings into Mexico for safety. In the last 20 years there have been no concerning incidents by any of the churches in our partnership. Our host pastor is a dual citizen so he understands our concerns and would not    welcome us in any uneasy circumstances

Q: Why in the Spring?

A:  In the summer temps reach as high as 115 degrees and the week leading up to Easter Sunday is a week the kids get off from school freeing us up to serve there

Q: Is this an official CLB project?

A:  No but almost all of the participating churches are. The churches we partner with in Mexico are a part of a small network of evangelical churches in Mexico



Songs for Mexico

The following are songs we hope you will learn as we travel to serve in Mexico. There are more songs than these but these are very often songs for us during VBS. Please download them as your able  at the link provided or listen to them online.

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Songs Borderless Mexico