training weekend recorded sessions

These are four of the videos that were shared at all of our training retreats. While they czn’t replace the content from the actual retreats we hope they fill in some of the gaps for those who weren’t able to attend.


2018 Mexico Mission Trip Handbook

This years handbook is done and is ready to be printed. Please make sure you have a copy with on the trip and during your groups retreat

Borderless 2018 Workbook.2

Dual Bus Route for 2018 Trip

We will be traveling by two buses with both buses departing from Triumph in Moorhead at 5 AM on 3/22. We have organized which church rides on each bus in a way that equals the passenger load. Each bus will travel separate routs with one going via Iowa to Phoenix and the other going to Denver and then Yuma. The route home is similar. To read about the routing go to. Both buses will be back to Fargo around 5 AM on 3/31.

Fargo to Phoenix (Bethel, Bethel, WOL, Colfax, DeWitt)
3/21 – Load luggage from Triumph East at 7:30 PM
3/22 –  Depart at 5 AM from Triumph East
3/22 – Arrive in LeSueur 9:30 AM
3/22 – Pick up Iowa
3/23 – Arrive in Phoenix
3/23 -Drive in Vans to Yuma 12 PM – 5 PM
3/23 -All passengers get into all the vans in Yuma (3 PM)
3/29  – We return to the USA at 3 PM and drive to the YMCA in Goodyear for showers at 8 PM
3/29 – Bus departs with arrival in Iowa on 3/30 at midnight
3/31 – Bus arrives in LeSueur at 5 AM
3/31 – Bus arrives in Fargo at 9:30 AM
Fargo to Yuma (Triumph, Hope, Williston and Arvada)
3/21 – Load luggage from Triumph East at 7:30 PM
3/22 –  Depart at 5 AM from Triumph East
3/22 – Meet in Dickinson ND at 10 AM to pick up several passengers
3/22 – Meet in Arvada Colorado at 9 PM to pick up a dozen passengers
3/22-23 – Drive 16 hours to Yuma Arizona (arrive there by 5 pm)
3/23 -All passengers get into all the vans brought from Phoenix in Yuma (3 PM)
3/29  – We return to the USA at 3 PM and drive to the YMCA in Goodyear for showers at 8 PM
3/29 – Bus departs and drives to Arvada for 11 AM arrival on 3/30
3/30 – Bus leaves Arvada at noon and drives to Dickinson for a 11 PM arrival
3/31 – Bus leaves Dickinson and drives to Fargo for a 5 AM arrival



training retreats


Our leadership team has found that in order to do a most effective mission’s trip that we need to spend time training and preparing for our trip.

We have the expectation that all 1st time students MUST attend our training and we strongly encourage returning students and adults to attend.

Here is a sample of things you will experience on our training weekend

  • Team building
  • A general orientation of schedule, rules and our plans
  • An overview of our teaching lesson, crafts and the games we play with the kids
  • Learning songs in Spanish
  • A time of prayer
  • A lesson in cross cultural ministry
  • Getting ministry site specific preparation

These are some of the things that we will cover at each of our training weekends

Here are the dates and locations for each of our sessions

February 2-3 The ND Churches train in Minot

February 18th the most Midwest churches train at Inspiration Point

February 23-24 the Colorado churches train in Arvada

TBA a training session in DeWitt Iowa

Here are a few pics and videos from the IPOINT held retreat

Here are a few pics from the Minot/Williston Retreat



Staying Healthy in Mexico


From the handbook

SHOTS: We encourage a current Tetanus shot for every team member. The town streets are dirt, and you may even see sewage running out into yards or street. We are also aware of dogs or other animals that could cause problems if they were to bite you. Another option is a Hepatitis A shot.
ISSUES & MEDS: Traveler’s Diarrhea is always of concern. Each year someone is a inffected, usually multiple people. So please take our precautions seriously. First line of defense is PREVENTION!!!! Select safe foods and water (foods thoroughly cooked, no salads or raw seafood’s, avoid milk, ice cream, yogurt and dairy products; drink bottled water, avoid ice cubes, use safe water to brush your teeth and take any medications) Please be sure to notify your leaders if you or one of your team are having difficulty. We are a long way from home and must take care of each other.
Pepto-Bismol and an Anti-diarrheal medication (Imodium or Lomotil) should be part of every individuals personal medication supply.
Antibiotics Sometimes antibiotic is needed. The three choices below are recommended to use. You can discuss this trip with your doctor. He may prescribe one of the antibiotics listed below.
….Levofloxacin 250 mg tablets, 2 tablets on day one, then 1 per day for 2 more days if diarrhea persist.
….Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole DS tablets (Septra DS or Bactrim DS), 1 tablet by mouth twice a day for 5 days. (the least cost).
….Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) 500 mg tablet, 1 tablet by mouth twice a day for3-5 days.
EMERGENCY CARE: We will make every effort to make you as comfortable as possible. There will be a first aid station at the base camp. If your symptoms need further medical attention, we will take you to Yuma, AZ (about a 30 minute drive) to the emergency room of the
DEHYDRATION: If symptoms arise, you will be watched closely and given extra hydrating liquids.
HEAT EXHAUSTION: If temperatures are extreme and you begin feeling light headed, dizzy, immediately tell your leader. Even if you have been drinking lots, heat exhaustion can happen. Tell someone.
COLDS: Sore throats, coughs and respiratory problems can be very common with the excessive dust and variety of temperatures we face during the week.

Pictures from Silva

Videos and Pictures from Bonfil

Training Weekend 2017

2018 Changes + Passport Stuff

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