Training Weekend

The training weekend is a required event for all first year students and it is strongly encouraged for all chaperones and returning studentd

  • All students participating in the Bonfil/Silva site will train on Sunday February 18th at IPOINT from noon until 8 pm
  • All students from Arvada, Williston and Minot will train on the following dates
    • Williston
    • Minot
    • Arvada

2018 Travel Plans

  • Minot – Traveling independent of the bus (see group leader for schedule)
  • Williston – Traveling independent of the bus (see group leader for schedule)
  • Arvada – Traveling independent of the bus (see group leader for schedule)
  • Some individuals from the Midwest will be flying and departing on March 21 to arrive in Mexico one day earlier to set up our tents
  • Grand Forks, Bethel in Fergus Falls, Triumph, Hope, WOL, and Emmaus Road traveling bud bus and van (see schedule below)

For those traveling via bus, please note that we have hired a new bus company from Fargo whose bus will be 10 years newer and more reliable that our previous bus company.

Bus Caravan Schedule

March 22 

We will be traveling as ONE bus that originates in Fargo/Moorhead at the Triumph East Campus. Here is our departure schedule:

  • The Fargo/Moorhead departure will be at 5 AM
  • The second stop will be in LeSueur at 9 AM
  • The third stop will be in Iowa at 1 pm

We will eat lunch on the bus with a dinner stop farther down the highway.

March 23 

– Breakfast will be served on the bus
– At noon the bus will unload all the gear in Phoenix and reload it to 7 15-passenger vans and trailers and then a lunch break

March 23

All groups that traveled independent of the bus will meet in Yuma Arizona around 6 pm. We will cross the border into Mexico around 6 pm and eat dinner at base-camp

March 24  —- Visit local market and set up at ministry site

March 25 – Worship at individual mission sites and begin VBS

March 26-28– Full day of ministry in mission sites

March 29

– VBS in AM / Cross back into the USA at noon
– Drive to Phoenix to return vans/trailers and reload gear onto bus’s
– Dinner / Showers in USA in Phoenix
– Leave Phoenix at 8 PM

March 30-31

– Drive home via charter bus
– All meals will be eaten at restaurants on the highway

  • Dewitt arrives in Aimes around midnight
  • LeSueur arrives home at 5 am
  • The Fargo stop arrives at 9 am