Who is Borderless Midwest?

About Borderless Midwest

In 2012 four Lutheran Brethren churches from the Midwest partnered for the with a group of ten Lutheran Brethren churches from the Seattle area who have been serving every spring in Mexico for 20 years. Our intent is to return every spring.

Our mission is to serve in Jesus name while emphasizing humility, servant leadership, and serving with a learners attitude with a hope to build as strong a partnership as we can with our three ministry partners in Mexico.

We have tripled in size over the last 9 years and gone from one ministry site to three.

While in Mexico, we have three primary ministry responsibilities

  • We partner with local churches to run a VBS
  • We share in the construction efforts with a local church
  • We share in leading a women’s bible study

We partner in all of these efforts with a hope to build relationships with our brothers and sisters in Mexico as we point one another to Jesus


Here are video’s from the 2012 trip

– Baptisms in Mexico – http://vimeo.com/40537661
– Pastor Mario’s Testimony – http://vimeo.com/40535961
– Construction Projects – http://vimeo.com/40534239
– Worship Services in Mexico – http://vimeo.com/40532363
– Interview with Pastor Mario – http://vimeo.com/40528691
– VBS songs in Mexico – http://vimeo.com/40527213
– Pictures set to Music – http://vimeo.com/40539503
– Morning/Evening Worship – http://vimeo.com/40540660
– Five testimonies shared in Mexico – http://vimeo.com/40560581

Who can you contact for more information?



Mark Johannesen is coordinating the trip with Jason Lang for the Midwest



Jason Lang can be reached at pastorjasonlang@mac.com






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