Costs for 2020

Borderless Midwest is continuing to grow. As we grow, our transportation plan finds itself being more and more individualized to each church.

In light of that, please know that, each participant will contribute to the transportation fees that their church charges.

Those non-transportation costs are $375 ($425 if past the early bird deadline).

Each church will in addition communicate their transportation costs with their participants.

The base fee per person is $375 if received by 1/31 or $425 if received by 2/1. This charge is broken down as follow

        • $125 for the rental van and it’s fuel that you ride in
        • $100 for your teams ministry site expenses
        • $150 for the borderless tuition which covers all of your base camp experience

To discover the costs for your churches transportation fees, please contact your churches leader.

Please note that all participants must have a passport or enhanced drivers license which is an additional cost. As well, if there are any border crossing taxes, those costs will be passed on to each participant.